Andréas Rucker – First Officer B737 - Ryanair

In 2012 I successfully ended my Integrated ATP Training at Cannes Aviation Academy and was granted my ATP License. Then I had my first experience in business aviation as a safety pilot on Citation Jet during 2 years in Cannes. End of 2014 things started to speed up. In October I became an instructor on a A320 simulator for AviaSim in Nice. Then in December I received an e-mail from Ryanair inviting me for their selections (I had applied a few months before...)! Because of my highly qualitative training and my previous experiences, the selection process went very well and I was accepted as a Cadet for a B737 TR. After a few months of intense ground and simulator training, ending with line training, I am now a FO B737 at Ryanair

Marc Girard - First Officer B737 - Ryanair

Cannes Aviation will remain one of the big highlights of my pilot training. The team is fantastic, available, all of the instructors are cutting edge, that helped me pick up the rigour and skills needed in order to get my first job in the airline business. I cannot say enough good things about this school. It’s serious, professional and has a human face.

Christophe Hubert – First Officer Falcon 7X - Dasnair

chose Cannes Aviation first because of its family-like size and because of its trainer aircraft with an avionics close to that of commercial aircraft. The school’s instructors are highly qualified in both aeronautical skills and teaching approach, which made the CPL/IR training and examinations go very smoothly. At a time when the flying industry is very tight, I got my first job on an airline as a Falcon7X co-pilot and have been flying around the world for demanding customers. I fly a fast and high-performance plane, but never stop using the sound skills base I acquired with Cannes Aviation. A big thank you to all on the team. They helped me make my dream come true. You cannot dillydally. You’re never ready enough when airlines put out calls for pilots. That can happen any time, usually when you’re least expecting it!!!

Guillaume Pasquier – Captain Cessna Mustang - Globeair

It’s all about making a good choice, and I can say I have no regrets about choosing Cannes Aviation. This is a truly qualified school, starting with its human scale that makes it possible for each student to receive one-to-one coaching. I would like to thank all the instructors who gave me all I need to know to work with even higher-scale aircraft problem free. During my course, I had the opportunity of flying a number times on the Eclipse 500, which gives a good overview of what is expected of a pilot. The air transport sector is going through a crisis, but this all-English training course helped me get my first job with an Austrian business airline in just a few months.

Alex Biss - First Officer Piaggio P180 - AirGo

Cannes Aviation made it possible for me to get my commercial and IFR pilot training in a young, dynamic environment, where professionalism is the byword. Their instructors are demanding and focused on their teaching. The fleet of planes is up to date. That meant I could pick up some very professional, practical experience throughout my course, which helped me get my first job with a business aviation airline. I thank the whole team for their support, follow-up and motivation!

a Thiery - First Officer Cessna Mustang - Globeair

It’s very challenging to choose a pilot training school, but Cannes Aviation is a choice I would make again with no hesitation. The school is of human dimension, the instructors purposeful and motivated, one-on-one professional training in English, a family team. I was very satisfied with the quality of the training I got at Cannes Aviation.
I was recently taken on as a co-pilot on a Citation Mustang for an Austrian company and went for a type rating at Farnborough, England. I then realised that Cannes Aviation’s instructors train you in the highest aeronautical standards.
“Canav” plusses: hours on the Eclipse 500 at course end, family atmosphere, modern fleet and, most importantly, a team that’s always available and motivated!
Thanks again to all of you for your ongoing support and contagious motivation!

Jean-Bernard Paul - First Officer BE90/200 - Air Taxi & Charter International

The professionalism and know-how of Cannes Aviation helped me acquire all the skills necessary to work as an airline pilot. This led me to handle many DA42 flights abroad. I’ve flown an Eclipse 500 over and over again. This gave me a better handle on the things my future career would involve. Joining Cannes Aviation couldn’t have been a more brilliant idea. My heartfelt thanks for their support and for everything they did for me. Shortly after my course was finished, I got a job as co-pilot on a Beechcraft BE90/200.

Alexandre Hayek - First Officer B737NG - Flydubaï

The choice of Cannes Aviation was mainly done by the fact that they have a human-sized team. This helped me in getting my First Officer position with Flydubai quite fast.
Instructors, and directors of "Canav" have always supported, helped and followed me in my activities. Both during and after training, they were always available whenever I needed advices.
The main qualities of the instructors are their diligence, their rigor and their professionalism. By applying to the letter the procedures and working through methods of Cannes Aviation I have succeeded without any problems entry tests for Flydubai. Today I am based in Dubai and I travel all around the world. This would probably not have been possible elsewhere especially because I had the oportunity to fly an Eclipse 500 aircraft and acquired the necessary experience to be operational quickly. Getting all the training course in English was a must since English fluency is compulsory in the air.
I want to thank all team members for all they have given to me and I highly recommend this training curriculum.

Yohan Male - Captain Eclipse 500 - Air Eclipse International

A huge thank you to all the Cannes Aviation Academy team for giving me high quality integrated training ATP / CPL IR-ME and having supported me in finding a job in a cockpit.
The human size of the school provides a consistent and customized training and allows extraordinary flights training !
In addition, flying over the Alps, the Mediterranean and Corsica makes this a unique experience.

Oliver Marich - First Officer Saab 2000 - Etihad Regional

Aviation has always been my passion. When choosing which school I was going to join for realizing my dream, Cannes Aviation became an evidence. The team spirit - almost family spirit - I felt during my first visits as well as the friendly and warm welcome made me feel immediately confortable.
Then, I discovered instructors always available and receptive, with an impressive and varied knowledge enabling them to answer all my questions. With Cannes Aviation, I also had the chance to fly an Eclipse 500 Jet very quickly.
During my recruitment phase in Darwin Airline, I felt incredible ease that allowed me to pass all selection phases without any difficulty!

Mehdi Rahimi - First Officer Challenger 604 - Business Aviation

The human-size of Cannes Aviation made me immediately feel confortable, but also allowed me to have a very closely monitored curriculum. I thank the whole team for their thoroughness, professionalism and dynamism. A few months after the end of my course, I passed successfully my first selection, where my level of training and my few hours on Eclipse 500 were greatly appreciated. Today flying as a Copilot on a Challenger 600, I realize the incredible opportunity it was to choose this school.

Alain BERNARD - Private Pilot

Cannes Aviation has a high-quality fleet of aircraft. Its instructors are professional. Above all, the extreme attention that it gives to safety in private pilot training. All of that convinced me to do my PPL with Cannes Aviation.
Despite the high level of proficiency demanded, being able to phase in the training curriculum and work with the same instructor helped me to give it my all and indulge my passion: FOR FLYING!!!
Although I don’t have in mind making a career in aeronautics, I think that it is crucially important to pick up good habits in terms of safety and flight preparation; that way, one can really get more out of flying.

John Ramoin - Private Pilot

I was really lucky to be able to do my PPL and MEP training with Cannes Aviation. The people I met there were just great, terrific teachers. So what looked like a mountain of things to learn when I started turned out to be nothing but pleasure. A few months in training at Cannes Aviation and I made some wonderful friends. The people there really care about what they’re doing.
I’m taking continuing training in IFR National at Cannes Aviation and it’s always just great to get back with everyone. Cannes Aviation, it’s like a family...