Initiation flight. Fill up on thrills!

Cannes Aviation, pilote and couple, initiation flight departure

Get on board for a genuine flight training, just like one of our student pilots... You will fly a single engine Diamond Star DA40 (or Diamond Twinstar DA42)

One of our professional instructions will outline the basics of piloting and you will prepare your flight of the day together.
After the pre-flight safety inspection that you will perform together, you will get on board, take the left seat—the pilot’s—turn on the engine and taxi out to the threshold of the runway under control from the tower.
Lérins Islands, Bay of Cannes, FranceYour instructor will manage the take-off but you will go right along with him, hands on the controls! Once in the air, after a few additional explanations, the plane controls will be turned over entirely to you for your first manoeuvers: turns, climbs, levelling off, descents. Excitement guaranteed!
You will fly over the Lérins Islands, Saint Tropez Bay or the snow-capped Southern Alps. If you have a camcorder, bring it along and set it up in the cockpit, you can publish the results in your Facebook or Twitter account!
When your session is over, you will again be right with your instructor in the final approach and landing.

If this first experience calls for more, the flight time will be recorded as part of your training to obtain your private pilot license – PPL, or by perhaps starting with a piloting discovery programme.

Give an initiation flight to a significant person in your life.

Cannes Aviation, pilote and couple, initiation flight departure

You can also give an initiation flight to a significant person in your life to mark an important event: anniversary, birthday, passing an exam... or just to allow him or her to enjoy the pleasure of taking the controls of an airplane for the first time! We will issue a “voucher” for an initiation flight that you can hand to the future pilot.

Conditions for access:

  • Our flights are open to any person, regardless of age, but he or she must be at least 150 cm tall.
  • The health requirements are the same as for flights with regular commercial companies.
  • Parental consent required for minors

Prices include:
  • Flight for 1 person
  • Insurance, fuel, taxes
  • Free parking for your vehicle in front of our premises

Piloting Discovery Training Course

Cannes Aviation, pilot and student pilot, piloting discovery training course

The purpose of this course is to allow you to learn the basics of theory and piloting and get familiar with the aeronautical world. Upon completion of your training course, you can, if you want, continue your training leading to the PPL-SEP Private Pilot Licence.

  • No previous experience required
  • Certificate of medical fitness (Class 2) issued by a qualified medical practitioner
  • Must be at least 15 years old to start the training.
  • Parental consent required for minors

Discover aerobatics. Feel the sensations!

Cannes Aviation, voltige aérienne

Looking for thrills? 400km/h, loopings, barrels, spins, vertical climbs... All figures are possible! Whether it is for a discovery of aerobatics (aerobatics baptism), to experience strong & extreme sensations, for a bachelor or bachelorette party, to discover our aircraft, join our team of experienced pilots for an unforgettable flight with the Alps and the Mediterranean as a backdrop!