Adaptation and Maintenance of skills

Different modules for adaptation and maintenance of proficiency are available at Cannes Aviation. Based on your training needs, our team is at your disposal to discuss your training plan or your need to maintain your proficiency.

Basic SEP qualification on DA40

The adaptation to the DA40 VFR (with classical instrumentation) is a short training that allows you to continue your aeronautical progress on this version of the aircraft.

  • Be a holder of a PART FCL License
  • To hold a valid Class I or II medical certificate

Differences training on DA 40 VFR / DA 40 G1000 VFR / DA40 G1000 IFR

Cannes Aviation, cockpit da40, IFR/EFIS – Glass Cockpit – équipe Garmin 1000

The basic version of the "adaptation to the DA40 VFR" (with analogue instruments) course enables you to continue your aeronautical training on this version of the aircraft, e.g. to obtain the Night VFR rating or be approved to fly our aircraft solo (for rental). This differences training is also required to begin IR-SE or NATIONAL IR training.
With the DA40 G1000 VFR training, you can also use this aircraft with your PPL and SEP rating (if renting) in VFR or in IFR to maintain your skills, for example.


  • You must hold a class I or II medical certificate
  • You must hold either a PPL[A] or CPL[A]
  • You must have the SEP(L) rating
  • You must have an IR SE rating to use the DA40 G1000 in IFR conditions

Differences training on DA42 EFIS G1000

Cannes Aviation, Diamond da42 cockpit

This adaptation training for the DA42 EFIS "Glass cockpit" Twin enables you to continue your aeronautical training on this aircraft. It is intended for pilots with a multi-engine (MEP) rating on conventional aircraft (analogue instruments and piston engines) that would like to use a DA42 G1000 (with EFIS and joysticks).

  • You must hold a PPL(A) or CPL (A)
  • You must have a class I or II medical certificate
  • You must have a MEP(L) rating

IR(A)-SE to IR(A)-ME extension training course

cockpit DA42


  • Hold a valid Class I or II medical certificate
  • Hold a valid IR(A)-SE qualification
  • Hold a valid MEP(T) qualification with DA42 or MEP(T) difference training performed on DA42

IR-PBN Training

Any qualified IR(A)-ME or IR(A)-SE pilot, or having been qualified IR(A)-ME or IR(A)-SE in the last 6 years, and wishing to extend or renew for the first time its privileges to the IR(A)-ME or IR(A)-SE in PBN operation.

La Mole Saint-Tropez Rating

La Môle Saint-Tropez airport, runway

La Môle Saint-Tropez is an airport geographically so situated that it requires a site rating. Cannes Aviation has instructors possessing the approval needed to qualify you for this airport.

  • You must have a class I or II medical certificate
  • You must hold either a PPL[A], CPL[A] or ATP[A] licence.
  • Hold a valid SEP or MEP rating.

IR Renewal

Cannes Aviation, exterior of a FNPT2 AL200 flight simulator – da42

Do you have a NATIONAL IR or IR[A] and you have not yet been able to join an airline or you do not have the chance to practice instrument flying regularly? Do you feel that your skills have degraded over time or do you simply want to maintain a good level of IFR knowledge.
You can take an IFR renewal course in order to stabilize or increase your proficiency.
Based on IFR simulator training sessions conducted at your own pace, Cannes Aviation can develop a program tailored to your needs. You can opt for a block of hours on the simulator (10h or 20h with an instructor) in order to get the most out of your budget. You can also take ground school refresher classes.

  • You must hold a valid IR rating

Contact us for a tailor-made approach to your needs

Conversion of CPL, MEP, or IR-ME licenses

Cannes Aviation, Diamond da42 cockpit

You have licenses and ratings issued by an ICAO member country (USA, Canada, etc.) as well as the corresponding theoretical certificates (EASA CPL, IR or ATPL). Cannes Aviation is authorised to offer conversion courses to the EASA standard. An assessment in flight and on the ground with the Director of Studies will confirm the amount of training required. A personalised folder entitled "conversion course taking into account previous experience" will be submitted to the DGAC to approve the content of your specific program.

For the conversion of military licenses, the procedure is similar, although the majority of pilots can benefit from the equivalence of theoretical certificates.

  • You must hold theoretical CPL (A), IR (A) or ATPL (A) certificates.
  • You must hold a valid ICAO or military license
  • You must have a Class I medical certificate

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Aviation English Training (FCL 055D)

Cannes Aviation now offers training for the preparation to take Aviation English exams (FCL 055D).

In partnership with Coach My English, a specialized teacher with 6 years' experience of FCL within the field of naval aviation teaches courses at Cannes Aviation's facilities.

Each course includes an assessment of your level before the training starts, the intensive training itself and a last distance learning training session the day before the exam following the training. You will have educational resources that are similar to those used in the exam (multiple-choice questions, tapes to listen to, fictitious flights, emergency sentences) on the platform of our e-learning partner. For further information, download our English Courses price list or contact us.

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Revalidation and renewal of SEP, MEP, IR/MEP ratings

It is important to make sure that you keep your ratings valid. There are two ways to do this:

- Revalidation means that your rating has not yet expired and in most cases it is enough to take a proficiency check flight with a FI (Flight Instructor) in the case of SEP. For IR or MEP ratings, you must take a test with a CRE (Class Rating Examiner). In all cases, you can practice beforehand with an instructor from Cannes Aviation.

- A renewal means that you have passed the expiry date of your ratings, and in most cases you will need to retrain before taking a new test with an examiner (FE or CRE).
For the MEP rating, Cannes Aviation has been approved by the DGAC for a renewal program that takes into account the date from which your skills are no longer valid and your recent experience, if you have any.


It should be noted that from 8th April 2013 onwards, you must have a MEP rating to extend or renew your IRME.

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